Another Birding Event on the 11./12.Nov 2011

Saddle Billed StorkAnother great birding day will take place at Induna Adventures on Saturday, the 12.Nov 2011.
The first meeting will be at Sabie Valley Coffee on Friday, 11.Nov between 4 pm and 07:30 pm for entries and briefing with:
-Talk on birds unique to the area
-Small competition on bird sounds of the area
On Saturday you will meet at Induna Adventures at 6:45 pm for a briefing on birding activities. The birding starts from 7:30 am. Lunch will be on offer at Sabie Valley Coffee and at 19:00 all will gather at Induna Adventures campsite for dinner and price giving.
There will be prices for the following:
1. Most different raptor species identified.
2. Most different king fisher species identified.
3. For identifying all the unique species to the area on the list.
4. Best photo. (This will be decided by all birders present).
5. Sound identifying competition. Nocturnal and diurnal species.
This will be another great outdoor event for bird lovers! Contact us for more information.

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