Best season to visit the Kruger National Park

Kruger National ParkMany guests of Dreamfields Guesthouse ask about the best season to visit the Kruger National Park. It depends, although many people will tell you that the dry season is best for game viewing, this is not necessarily the case. Both wet and dry seasons have advantages and disadvantages:
Dry season (May-October)
The dry season in Kruger has several advantages – temperatures are generally very pleasant, few insects are present, vegetation is not too dense, allowing for easier game viewing, and waterholes and river pools attract large quantities of animals and birds. The disadvantages of the dry season are shorter days, cold nights, dry and dull landscapes, and fewer bird species and young animals present.
Wet season (November-April)
Although rainfall is very unpredictable in the Kruger National Park, November to April are generally considered the wet months. Despite the heat, these months can be very productive and enjoyable. Many animals give birth to their young, migrant bird species visit the Park, the vegetation is lush, green and very colourful, making it ideal for photography. Days are longer than in the dry season, giving you more time to search for animals. Obvious disadvantages of this time of the year are the high temperatures, large quantities of insects, and thick vegetation which can make game viewing difficult.

You reach the Kruger National Park within 10 minutes from Dreamfields Guesthouse.

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