Birding Big Day

Owl This years Birding Big Day was another success: 265 species where seen this year (2009 = 271 species) – combined species for the past two years is 316.

51 species identified last year were not on this year’s lists but this year there were 45 species which were not picked up last year.

The Brown Throated Weaver and Olive Thrush were both identified at Sabi River Sun – neither should occur there normally but there is no reason to question their identification. Should both species be identified again the findings will be submitted to the Southern African Bird Atlassing Project to record their presence in the area.

A few interesting general observations:

1. Crowned Lapwing (usually a common species in the Kruger) has not been counted in the past two years.
2. There were a lot more waders, storks, etc., last year, probably water levels in dams and rivers were lower last year.
3. A lot more eagle species picked up last year.
4. Nearly every team picked up the Olive Woodpecker this year, yet no one identified it last year.

Let`s see if a Conservancy team can top the 200 species next year!

For more information and the list of birds, contact us or the Hazyview-Kiepersol Conservancy.

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