FIFA World Cup 2010: SA Football Terminology

Football Fan South AfricaGuests staying at Dreamfields Guesthouse during the World Cup (and beyond) should learn some of the typical South African football terms, so that you are well prepared to celebrate with all the South African fans in and outside of the stadium!
Bafana Bafana: South Africa’s national team (‘the boys, the boys’)
Makarapa: Modified, decorated miners’ helmet unique to South African soccer fans. Anything goes on a Makarapa, with goat horns, bells, bicycle horns and so on.
Vuvuzela: A large, colourful plastic trumpet that makes the sound of a foghorn. It is pretty much a must-have accessory at any South African Soccer match.
Laduma: A popular cheer celebrating goals scored at a soccer match (actual meaning: goal).
iDiski: South African term for soccer.
Diski dance: A dance that combines many typical soccer moves and showcases the unique way soccer is played in South Africa.
Tsamaya: Breath taking skill – better known as a feint.
Ishibobo: Literally it means nutmeg, but refers to passing the ball between the opponent’s legs.

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