Hippo Jessica helped during the floods

Jessica the hippoJessica the Hippo, who was found after the floods in 2000 on the river bank, helped her adoptive parents to safety during the floods in January 2012.

The Joubert’s house was submerged by the rising water and Tony Joubert was trying to get his wife to dry land when Jessica started to push the boat with her snout to where her owner was. Jessica was pushing the boat upstream, against the strong current. “I could have fallen had she not guided me”. He said the hippo remained behind him all the time, giving him a welcome sense of security.

His house, which is on the banks of the river in Hoedspruit, Limpopo, was completely under water. They left their house to seek refuge in their car parked on higher ground. Then they decided to spend the night in their tree house on their property. All surrounding families were evacuated but the Jouberts refuse because they did not want to leave Jessica alone.

Source: Timeslive

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