Kruger Park bans liquor in its public areas

From now on, security personnel at all the gates to the Kruger National Park will search people for liquor and no day visitor shall be allowed to enter the park with liquor.
The restrictions will not apply to overnight visitors who will be allowed to bring in own alcohol for consumption in the privacy of their booked accommodation and the restaurants. Like day visitors, overnight visitors will be bound by the same rules of not drinking in public.

The decision to introduce this policy was made in order to eliminate the growing unacceptable behaviour by visitors who misbehave in the park when they are intoxicated. This is actually nothing new but just ensuring that the provision the country’s Liquor Act are also enforced in the park; says the KNP HOD: Public Relations, William Mabasa.

Although in operation throughout the year, the gate quotas are mostly reached on long weekends and public holidays. Secure your accommodation and book your game drives in advance.

Photo: Gallery of shame

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  1. my question is you only dont allow people to enter the park with alcohol or olso with soft drinks,thanx


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