Live sighting – Cheetah mom and new born’s

Cheetah in Kruger National ParkThe team at the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC), app. 80 km north of Dreamfields Guesthouse, has been at the forefront of cheetah conservation for over 20 years. Many are unaware that the cheetah is by far the most endangered big cat in Africa. The spotted cat has been around for about 4 million years, but its population has decreased by a staggering 90% in only the last 100. Breeding programs like the one at HESC are vital to expanding the cheetah’s gene pool and helping to ensure the long term survival of the species.

In order to bring more attention to the dangers cheetahs are facing and help promote the breeding program at HESC, they broadcasted the birth of the centre’s newsest cubs LIVE over the internet. You must have a look here!

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