Pafuri Walking Trail – Part 2

We had to get up early to get ready for the first morning walk. While having some hot coffee and toast we discussed all the calls and noises that we heard during the night like baboons, leopard , hyena and lion, a sign that we were at one with the bush.

We started out on the morning trek full of expectation at some of the bird life we might see. We were not disappointed viewing Black Eagles, Grey Headed Parrots, a Mocking Cliff Chat to name but a few. We returned to the camp for a spot of lunch and then headed by vehicle to the amazing Fever Tree forest.

During a wonderful afternoon walk we were confronted with Eland, Elephants, and the unmistakeable roar of two lions. It seemed at one stage that they had surrounded us! We arrived back at the vehicle and decided to look for one of the Lions, not 2 minutes had passed when coming towards us was a huge male lion. The sight of him ambling through the forest was incredible. We followed him for a while listening to his dominance before heading back to enjoy a hot meal and a night cap. What will the following day bring?

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