TOP 5 souvenirs from South Africa

Souvenier Tourists buy presents for their family and friends or for themselves as souvenirs from a beautiful holiday.
Here are the Top 5 gifts from South Africa:
1. Amarula – a delicious liqueur made from the Marula Fruit.
2. Rooibos Tea – already made its way to the European Supermarkets but truly South African! Next to the tea pamper yourself with the Rooibos skincare and beauty products.
3. Carvings – a wooden hippo or giraffe or any other favourite animal – a “must buy” that will remind you of your holiday
4. Wine – even if you do not visit the Cape Winelands, the South African Wines are among the best in the world
5. Jewellery – either costume jewellery from the side of the roads or the real ones: Gold and diamonds, being among South Africas most-famed resources.

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  1. Hester says:

    Good Day

    I’m looking for a giraffe souvenirs for a friend of mine from oversee. Can you perhaps tell me where I can find one?


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