What to pack for a day in the Kruger National Park


Elephants at Kruger National Park

Depending on how you travel the Kruger National Park, either with an open game viewing vehicle or your own car, there are a few things you should always take with you.

The tour operators always carry cool boxes on the open game viewing vehicles and provide cold water for you. If you drive yourself it is recommended to take a cooler box/bag that you can access without getting out the car. During the day, temperatures are pleasantly warm to very hot, you will be thankful to have cold drinks. And also make sure you have hats, sunblock and sunglasses. Most importantly, don’t forget to take binoculars, ideally everyone in your car should have their own pair. Keen photographers will need the longest lens they can afford and a full battery and large memory card.

A good map and short guide can be purchased at Dreamfields Guesthouse, which will enhance your visit. Most importantly, a concise guide to the animals and a bird book are essential.

If you decide to have an early start, which is highly recommended, we will provide a packed breakfast in a cooler picnic bag for you. And you can always visit the Park Camp shops and restaurants.

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